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Internet win: Chat Roulette + Call Me Maybe

Yessss we’re all tired of these “Call Me Maybe” videos but YOU MUST WATCH THIS ONE. Don’t watch the Olympic swim team video, don’t watch the Abercrombie model video, watch THIS one!

[via Huffington Post]

It’s been done by the Harvard baseball team, “President Obama” and even Cookie Monster. It’s been done in so many ways by so many people that we thought — surely— it’d be categorically impossible to make a “Call Me Maybe” parody that was still funny.

But Steve Kardynal (of shake weight fame) has proved us wrong.

In this cringe-worthy YouTube video, Kardynal — lipsticked, bearded and scantily clad in women’s garb — shimmies and shakes in front of a Chatroulette crowd that alternates between delighted reactions and those of utter disgust.

Kardynal, known for his outlandish antics, is in top form as he lip-syncs and gyrates his way through Carly Rae Jepson’s hit song, but the priceless reactions of the other users on the online chat website are the true stars of the clip.

And though we know that the world probably doesn’t need any more “Call Me Maybes,” the grimaces of all those shirtless men sitting in half-dark rooms makes this one well worth it.

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11-yr-old Stowaway and the Olsen Twins

So an 11-year-old boy managed to board a flight ON HIS OWN from Manchester to Rome… without a passport, ticket, or boarding pass.

Here’s the deal:

Authorities are still trying to figure out just how an 11-year-old boy managed to board a Jet2.com flight from Manchester to Rome without any form of identification or a plane ticket.

“I take any breach of security, very, very seriously,” Transport Secretary Justine Greening told the BBC. “So we are now investigating with Manchester Airport and, indeed the airline, to find out exactly what happened.”

Liam Corcoran was shopping with his mother at Wythenshawe Civic Centre yesterday when he suddenly took off, ending up at Manchester Airport nearly three miles away.

He then attached himself to a family and followed them through five security checkpoints, not once being asked to show ID or a boarding pass. Once on board the plane, Liam grabbed a seat and went unnoticed by flight crew until passengers alerted the captain to the unaccompanied minor.

He was flown back to Manchester and reunited with his mom last night.

“The boy went through full security screening so the safety of passengers and the aircraft was never compromised,” said a Manchester Airport spokesman. “He was with a large group of other children, he appeared to be in a family group – for whatever reason he wasn’t checked. It was our responsibility – we absolutely have to answer for that. This was a young lad on an adventure.”

Several airport staffers and Jet2.com crew members have been suspended while the investigation is ongoing.

Sounds fishy to some but NOT TO ME! To explain how this happened I bring your attention to a similar incident that happened to a set of sisters from San Francisco in 1992.

Michelle and Stephanie Tanner have had a boring summer, but are excited when a postcard from they’re older sister, D.J., mentions that she will be bringing home a big surprise when she arrives home from Barcelona. An hour later, the airplane with D.J. and her quirky but lovable best friend, Kimmy, on it will be landing at San Francisco International Airport. At the airport, the big surprise turns out to be nothing more than D.J.’s new boyfriend Steve Hale, who was also in the summer study program. Michelle and Stephanie were hoping that the surprise would be better than this and that D.J. would at least act like she missed them, because D.J. was gone for 8 weeks – How rude! Still at the airport, Michelle and Stephanie meet members of the International Young People’s Choir, and the choir is going to Auckland, New Zealand. Stephanie falls for Terry, the Australian member of the choir. Terry invites the girls to come aboard the airplane and meet the choir, so they take Terry up on the invitation because they believe that D.J. wants nothing to do with them because all D.J. cares about is Steve. Before Michelle and Stephanie can get back off of the airplane, it takes off. Airport security realizes that the two girls are enroute to New Zealand and are able to alert their father, Danny that the girls are heading to a foreign country all alone but it’s all good because they’ll be on the next plane back to San Fran. They get back safely and everyone hugs and D.J. apologizes for being a hateful troll ignoring her sisters and they all hug and laugh about the absurdity of the situation.

So basically what I’m trying to say is that it’s obvious that, hungry for attention, Mary Kate and/or Ashley Olsen and/or Jodie Sweetin made their way to the Manchester airport, seduced this poor little 11-year-old boy, and convinced him to board the plane to Rome. And Obama helped.


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