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The $10/Day Project – Day 7

Day 7 – 10/25

So I stuck with the plan and didn’t get a $2 coffee on my way to work but instead got unlimited FREE coffee at the office – mind you, I do have to close my eyes and plug  my nose while I drink it but the jolt is still there…

For lunch, I went to a bodega and got a ham and cheese sandwich but then I splurged and got two bags of chips and ended up spending $6.

For dinner, I decided I was going to make Baked Sweet Potato Tacos using Martha Stewart’s recipe for taco filling which is OMG so amazing (I added some cinnamon to the whole shebang and it was como stimulamos, stimulamos, stimulamos y orgasmo! (Thank you OMG Shoes guy…)

HOWEVER, in order to do this, I had to break my budget to be able to afford the necessary materials – but knowing that it would last me a few days. So after buying crushed tomatoes, ground beef, two sweet potatoes, three onions, one jalapeno pepper and cumin, coriander, and chili powder… I spent $19 BUT I have a buttload of taco filling and it should last me a few days.

TOTAL: $25 (or 9 Bahraini Dinars)… so this means I can only spend $5 until Thursday and still be considered “within budget”

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The $10/Day Project – Weekend (Days 5 & 6)

After my first week of the $10/Day project – I had $15.90 leftover to play with. SO that’s exactly what I did:


$2 – Coffee

$8 – Chipotle (Veggie Burrito with Guacamole – omg so so so so so soo good and totally worth a stupid $8)

$5.50 – Australian meat pie from Tuck Shop


$20 – Bloody Mary and a burger and fries

TOTAL: $35.50 + $15.90 credit from the week = MEGAN IS STILL IN HER BUDGET!

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The $10/Day Project – Day 4

Day 4

Again, I had a $2 coffee for my 3 mile walk to work. This is somewhat of a frivolous expense as I get free coffee at work. I’m using the term coffee carelessly as I’m pretty sure it’s mostly rocket fuel but it is free sooooo starting Monderday, no mas cafe.

$7.10 – Chicken tenders and fries. I split the meal in half so I could eat the rest for dinner.

Free – 1 bottle of wine. I was telling a co-worker about my project and they decided to gift me a bottle of wine to help me make it through my first $10/day weekend. I’m sure it can be written off as a charitable contribution.

Side note – I noticed that someone is using my toothpaste because a) I only squeeze from the bottom up and it was all crazy and b) the cap was off. I have not budgeted for toothpaste theft and might have to throw down. Stand by…

Total: $9.10

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The $10/Day Project – Day 3

October 21 – Day 3 of the 309 Rubles/Day Project

That’s right… 309 Rubles… I’m practically rich.

Today started out the same as yesterday… with a $2 cup of coffee from the coffee shop across the street, Red Horse Cafe. I absolutely love this place! I used to come here every morning and get a coffee and whole wheat bagel, toasted, with cream cheese… and then I realized I was eating a whole wheat bagel, toasted, with cream cheese every day. Ew. They also serve alcohol and you can get any item with a side of witty banter… fo free! (I splurged and got two sides today)

For lunch, I hit up my main man, David, in the Studio Commissary and he made a lovely grilled cheese sandwich for me for only $2.75. Not the healthiest of meals but at $2.45 what do you expect? Lobster bisque!? Well then you’re just STUPID.

For din-din I had my leftover Thai food and rounded off the spending…. $4.75!!! What whaaaat. By the end of this little experiment I’m going to have so much money left over I’ll be able to buy half a shirt… maybe the sleeve.

Total: $4.75 (146 rubles)

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The $10/Day Project – Day 2

Day 2 – October 20, 2010

9:00am – $2 for a large coffee that I leisurely drank as I walked 3 miles to my office. The walk took an hour but hey heyyyy one episode of This American Life is just that – one hour! Today’s episode of choice was 394: Bait and Switch.

When I got to work, someone brought in bagels so instead of eating the leftover Kashi Go-Lean crunch that the Mildred Pierce production left behind, I had a lovely whole wheat bagel waiting for me on my chair.

For lunch, I found some crackers and topped them with peanut butter and the finest grape jelly one can find in a squeeze jar.

Doesn’t that look scrumptious? No.. no it doesn’t but it filled me up.

For dinner I WAS going to have my leftover thai food… but after my boss threatened to kill me (his exact words were, “Do it again, I’ll kill you!… but right now you’re fine”) I decided I would splurge and get a Vietnamese sandwich!!!

8:00pm – $6.50 on a Grilled Chicken Vietnamese Sandwich from Hanco’s

Now THAT’s a sandwich!!

Total amount spent today: $8.50

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